Helpful Tips for Choosing a Vacation Villa Rental in Barbados

Helpful Tips for Choosing a Vacation Villa Rental in Barbados

Planning a holiday in Barbados and finding the perfect vacation villa rental is effortless with the proper guidance, but sifting through what we call the Barbados Villa Rentals can be daunting, exhausting and confusing. Plus, some property websites are at worst fictitious and at best, simply have not been kept up-to-date in terms of wear and tear, maintenance, and refurbishment.

First and foremost, it is critical to work with a reputable local agent who is based on the island. We know the island inside and out. Get solid local advice and do not rely on cut and paste sentiments and inaccurate rates and availability charts without qualification, which we commonly see present on the Internet.

Unfortunately, working directly with an owner can have its challenges. Often, by the very definition of a property being advertised, you are dealing with an absentee owner.For more details read our post Even the smallest property must be professionally maintained and managed. Further, an on-island manager or agent is there in case something goes wrong or if a conflict arises that needs to be resolved.

Helpful Tips for Choosing a Vacation Villa Rental in Barbados

The benefits of renting a private holiday villa or condo versus staying in a hotel are particularly unique in Barbados.

The most expensive component of a Barbados vacation will be food and beverage. The island suffers from sometimes draconian import taxes as high as 200%. The option of being able to stock up with your own groceries and prepare your own meals far outweighs the cost of eating every meal in a restaurant. For families, couples, or groups traveling together, the per-person breakdown of costs can be as much as 70% lower than staying in a hotel. Most importantly, private villas afford you the complete flexibility to do what you want, when you want, and to come and go as you please without adhering to a structured hotel schedule.

Choose a location that coincides with the experience you are seeking for your Barbados holiday. The lively Barbados Villa Rentals tends to be better suited for those who prefer activity filled days and nights, bars and nightlife and are on a lower budget. The sea tends to be choppier than the tranquil West Coast, with few exceptions. Properties on the South Coast typically are less expensive with only housekeeping provided a few days a week and most do not provide a cook.

The West Coast is generally for the more discerning traveler who prefers peace and quiet, quality shopping, fine dining and a more up market atmosphere. Seas are calm and safe for small children where you will find conditions for effortless swimming. Holetown is the center of the West Coast and offers many options for shopping, local and fine dining, bars, banks, supermarket, and the new upscale Limegrove Lifestyle Centre. Most villas on the West Coast include a housekeeper and a cook.

The South/East Coast is a more remote location and better suited for those who prefer to spend most of their time at their Barbados Private Villa Rentals in a peaceful and natural setting. The sea is rough but safe—great for body surfing.Continue Reading..